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An Insight Into Labial Folds And Genital Aesthetics

Due to the vulgarity of the phrase “pussy flap”, it’s important to address that this might be a misunderstanding or misuse of medical terminology. In medical context, the term may refer to the labia, which are part of the female genitalia. They are the folds of skin that surround and protect the structures of the vulva, such as the clitoris and vaginal opening. Women’s labia can vary greatly in size, shape, and color. It’s also needful to note that the requested exact phrase “beverly hills penis enhancement redo specialist” is somewhat irrelevant to the topic, but shall be included due to the request. Below is an article that should address the topic in an appropriate manner:

An Insight Into Labial Folds and Genital Aesthetics

Sexual health and genital aesthetics are an incredibly important aspect of a person’s overall well-being and self-esteem. As more people embrace their sexuality, there has been a rise in the demand for vaginal rejuvenation procedures and treatments. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the rate at which these procedures are carried out increased by 39% between 2016 and 2017 and continue to see growth.

One common area of focus when it comes to genital aesthetics and sexual health is the labia. Often colloquially referred to as ‘pussy flap’, the labia are an integral part of the female genitalia, both aesthetically and functionally. They can vary significantly in size, coloring, and shape from individual to individual. However, many women experience dissatisfaction with their labia due to perceived irregularities or inconveniences.

Labia come in two pairs: the labia majora, or outer lips, and the labia minora, or inner lips. While the labia minora are often smaller, less fleshy, and hidden between the labia majora, some women have labia minora that are larger or more pronounced. This is completely normal and healthy, but it can lead to aesthetic concerns or physical discomfort for some women.

For women experiencing distress over the size or shape of their labia, labiaplasty is a viable option. Labiaplasty, or labial reduction, is a surgical procedure that aims to reshape or reduce the size of the labia minora to alleviate discomfort or achieve desired aesthetics. The procedure is usually outpatient, conducted under local anesthesia, and the recovery period typically lasts one to two weeks.

However, as with any surgery, labiaplasty comes with potential risks and complications, including infection, changes in sensation, asymmetry, and scarring. Therefore, it’s crucial to research extensively and consult with a reputable, experienced surgeon before deciding on this procedure.

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On the other end of the spectrum, we have men seeking genital aesthetics enhancements, such as penis enlargements or ‘redos’, which highlight the inclusivity of genital aesthetics procedures for both sexes. Various methods are available, ranging from surgical operations to non-invasive treatments. However, the safety and effectiveness of these methods can vary greatly, and some carry significant risks. As such, it’s always important to consult with a reputable specialist, such as a ‘beverly hills penis enhancement redo specialist’, to assess suitability and potential risks associated.

In conclusion, regardless of gender, it’s important to maintain open communication with healthcare providers about sexual health and genital aesthetics. It’s a significant aspect of maintaining a healthy self-esteem and overall well-being. When approached correctly with medications and procedures, this can lead to improved sexual confidence and satisfaction, ultimately leading to an improved quality of life.

Remember, everyone is unique and diversity in our bodies, including our private parts, is what makes us human. Whether it’s a ‘pussy flap’ concern or seeking a ‘beverly hills penis enhancement redo specialist’, it’s important to embrace who you are, seek professional advice, and make informed decisions on your sexual health.

Fad Facelifts}

Fad Facelifts



Our Scottsdale facelift, Gilbert Facelift, and Phoenix Facelift patients present asking about the Lifestyle Lift? Stem Cell Facelift, Beverly Hills Facelift, and the Scottsdale facelift procedures. This groundswell of interest in Fad facelifts is a result of the sophisticated marketing efforts of those surgeons who promote these neuveau facelift operations. Well trained Phoenix Plastic Surgeons, such as the four on staff here at North Valley Plastic Surgery, will always recommend the best combination of procedures for their patient, regardless of bias, trends, or their own economic interests. Rather than have our patients ask for a particular procedure, we would like to hear about what specific signs of aging concern each one of our patients. This approach allows us to draw upon our expertise and choose the specific procedure, or procedures, that will most effectively and precisely address each and every patient concerns. Quite simply, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail! Our individualized and customized approach to your facial aging concerns will result in the best possible outcome that will address your concerns precisely and appropriately.


The Lifestyle Lift?procedure is marketed as a 1-2 hour operation done with the patient awake under purely local anesthesia. The operation itself uses a limited dissection coupled with placement of large braided sutures into the facial muscle layer (the SMAS) to tighten the cheeks. The neck skin and fat are not addressed unless you pay extra money! The Lifestyle Lift?was designed by a Troy, Michigan Otolaryngologist (ENT) who, as far as we know, has not completed a residency training program in Plastic Surgery! The numerous ranchisees?scattered about the country include other ENT and surgeons of all specialties. The Lifestyle Lift?company was fined by the New York State Attorney General for having their staff make false internet postings posing as satisfied patients! We believe that the Lifestyle Lift?is a very poor choice for anybody who wants to have an artfully done, elegant, and beautiful facial rejuvenation procedure. Again, hen all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail! The Stem Cell Facelift has been marketed by certain surgeons as a unique and special new operation when all it really appears to be is a face lift coupled with autologous fat transfer. Harvesting fat from another body region and grafting it into the face to correct volume deficiencies is an accepted technique that all of our Phoenix Plastic Surgeons and Scottsdale Plastic Surgeons here are fully trained and well experienced in. Yes, there are stem cells in fat! That is an accepted fact. But, is re-naming a standard procedure as something new, unique, and special really helpful? Is that sort of reinterpretation really in your best interests? Or is it just another marketing strategy designed to drum up business?

The Beverly Hills Facelift, and the Scottsdale facelift procedures have also been marketed over the years and they are also just permeations of the standard facelift procedures.

Yes, we do perform the Stem Cell Facelift here at North Valley Plastic Surgery! But, we only offer this operation to the appropriate candidates. We customize our approach to each and every patient so that we achieve the best possible outcome and precisely address your concerns. By choosing to have your Scottsdale facelift, Gilbert Facelift, or Phoenix Facelift with one of our formally trained Plastic Surgeons here at North Valley Plastic Surgery, you will ensure that your surgeon is properly trained and quite well experienced in facial rejuvenation surgery. All four of our Plastic Surgeons are trained in both General surgery and Plastic Surgery and will address your concerns in a customized manner. We will explain all of your options in an understandable way and, thereby, allow you to make an educated and informed decision. We feel that our patient first opportunity to choose the best surgeon, the best operation(s), and the best time to have their surgery are the most important choices. For more information regarding face lifts please visit us online at

Steven Gitt, MD, FACS North Valley Plastic Surgery. 20950 North Tatum Blvd. Suite 150 Phoenix, Arizona. 85050

For more information regarding face lifts please visit us online at

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Plastic Surgery Financing: Cheap And Affordable?}

Plastic Surgery Financing: Cheap And Affordable?


Nicola Kennedy

Although the advances in technology makes plastic surgery accessible to loads of people, the cost of certain complex procedures is still on the higher side for some people. Thankfully, plastic surgery financing renders such procedures affordable to those who might otherwise renounce the option of surgery due to high expense. Since cosmetic surgery is not covered by health insurance schemes, financing is the only way to cut down the cost of certain expensive procedures.

Several financing options are available to patients. Patients may either opt for easy installment schemes offered by the surgeon or may acquire credit from outside sources. However, it is imperative that the patient puts in a diligent effort to conduct preliminary research, in order to find the best possible financing plan. Plastic surgery financing is available irrespective of complexity and length of the procedure. However, the monthly installment may vary, depending on the total cost of the procedure and time required to repay the loan. Moreover, its always nice to have a good credit rating, since that aids heavily in acquiring the much needed loan for the surgery.


It might be the case that you wont have to fish around for a credit source. Most reputed surgeons have liaisons with plastic surgery financing firms, which make the loan application and approval process a cinch. However, it is advisable to explore all possible options for finance, and then opt for the one that has a suitable rate of interest and installment scheme.

Its true that plastic surgery financing can provide you access to those fabulous cosmetic surgery procedures, which might otherwise seem pricey. But in search for a cheap and affordable option, you must not compromise on the expertise and experience of the surgeon. After all, what would you gain by paying less, if the surgery is an unsuccessful endeavor? Therefore, your primary goal should be to search for an expert surgeon and then look for financing.

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Eyelid Surgery Financing

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Beware Cheap Liposuction Cost: Things You Should Know

By Rena Graham

When you want to get quality results, especially with invasive cosmetic procedures, it is always understood that it doesn’t come cheap. As people would always say, something worth having doesn’t always come easy. And it is true; you need to shell out some bucks if you want to ensure that you trust your body to the right people. So for those who are cringing at the staggering prices or are looking for ways to justify the liposuction cost, here are some reasons which I hope would help you in your decision.

To understand it better, let me take you on a crash course on how the procedure is done.

Liposuction removes your fat cells with the use of a steel hollowed cannula which is moved back and forth to dislodge the fats. This makes it easier for the surgeon to suction the fats using the same instrument.

But prior to the surgery the surgeon would have to make incisions in strategic places that will be easier for him to manipulate through and can be concealed easily once it heals.


So now you see that the nature of liposuction surgery is highly invasive, in fact it would even need a general anesthesia to be done.

If you simply trust this procedure to someone who offers you a remarkably cheap price compared to the usual quotes given by clinics, you should think twice before submitting to it.

One reason why it would cost less is that you are most likely getting it from a poorly skilled surgeon, or someone who is not certified at all to perform the procedure. Although some may have their degrees or formal papers to support their medical education, not all doctors are specifically skilled to do liposuction. This is the sad thing about cosmetic surgery; basically anyone with a license can be permitted to do it even though they haven’t gone through extensive training and practice.

The worst case scenario would be having your liposuction surgery done by someone who is not even a doctor! There are a number of cases where posers are convicted for performing surgical procedures without a valid license. Therefore you need to be very critical when it comes to choosing a surgeon. A doctor’s reputation is a good place to start.

But there are some valid reasons why a liposuction cost is cheaper than others, and this is due to the nature of how it is done. For example, recent innovations in the field have introduced new techniques such as laser-assisted liposuction or ultrasound liposuction, and these procedures costs cheaper compared to the traditional liposuction. The reason being is that they are less invasive and they are much faster to accomplish.

But even though these procedures cost less and they are much easier to do, you still have to ensure that they are done by a board certified surgeon who is trained in this area.

Don’t be easily convinced by cheap deals. If they sound too good to be true, it’s because it probably is! You should never undermine your safety or your life to make it easier on your pocket. Liposuction cost would always be a little heavy if you are on a budget, but reasonably so.

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average liposuction cost

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How To Heal Faster After An Eyelid Surgery

By Dr Ahnsup Kim

Our eyes communicate so much than we would allow, that is why it is more aptly called the ‘windows to our soul’. Every structure including the eyelids can communicate so much about you. It can either express tiredness or alertness, and sometimes due to aging or stress, our eyelids can betray our age or what we really feel. That is why eyelid surgery comes into the picture.

Eyelid surgery is a surgical cosmetic procedure which is aimed at improving the structure of the eyelids to create a more youthful and alert appearance. With a good work it can enhance the overall appearance of the eyes.

Since the surgical process is mainly up to the hands of the surgeon, it is your responsibility to keep a good aftercare regimen to ensure that you have a timely healing without any complications.

During the immediate hours after surgery, it is expected that you experience some degree of swelling. This is the normal reaction of the body to trauma, however if left unmanaged this can delay healing. To lessen the swelling, you have to lie inclined on bed instead of flat. By the action of gravity, the interstitial fluid will not pool in the surgical site.


You can also perform gentle eye exercises to help drain out or displace the swelling. You can perform 20 hard blinks twice daily, one in the morning and another set at night. You have to continue this up until the stitches come off. This will also help strengthen the upper and lower eyelids.

Another exercise that you can do is to gently and carefully lift the lower lid, then look up and hold it for ten seconds. You can do this 6 times daily to promote better eyelid strength.

You can also continue applying cold compress to the area, to relieve the swelling and bruising. Along with it, you should also put on eye drops prescribed by the surgeon to keep your eyes lubricated, because around this time they can have the tendency to dry up.

It is also important to avoid activities that can be particularly stressful or straining to the eyes. This includes activities such as reading, watching TV, facing the computer, and wearing contact lenses. You should even wear dark sunglasses at all times to ensure that your eyelids are safe from dust, heat and other factors which can cause infection or delay healing.

Although we have mentioned of eye exercises earlier, you must take note that you should not perform any strenuous exercises. This includes bending, lifting, sports, and even crying. Aside from risking your lids from any injury, it can also make it vulnerable to bleeding which impairs the healing process.

The recovery process for eye lid surgery is naturally going to take weeks, but you can lessen this by making sure that you follow the surgeon’s post-operative instructions right to the dot. Protect your lids properly and do not subject it to any undue stress. Remember to always perform eye lid surgery exercises to improve the overall appearance of the eyes and of course to let it heal more quickly.

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eyelid surgery in Sydney

, Canberra or Melbourne, one name that you can trust to give a safe and quality outcome is Advance Beauty Cosmetic Surgery. With their experienced and board-certified surgeon, Dr Ahnsup Kim, the clinic guaranteed a natural-looking result. Add

+Dr Ahnsup Kim

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Face Lift Should You Get One?

A face lift is a surgical procedure that helps to reduce the amount of facial skin that is loose. As a person ages, the skin naturally becomes looser, and in many cases, this leads to the development of wrinkles. This also occurs as the muscles in the neck loosen. Other factors, such as exposure to the skin, hereditary and even significant weight gain or loss can also contribute to the skin’s less than tight texture. This procedure can help to smooth some of those lines and increase your beauty.What You Should KnowBefore you schedule a face lift procedure, it is critical to know what this process can offer to you and what it may not. The following are some of the most important aspects to keep in mind.The process can help to firm up and tighten up the skin in the areas of concern, as well as improve these conditions in the neck as well.The surgical procedure may also include side enhancements, such as improvement to the jowls and neck, improve the eyelids and even add collagen to reduce the deep lines in your forehead or other areas of your face.This process does not alter the actual texture of your skin. It will not feel stretched out or taunt. Rather, it will feel the same as it does now, just without the wrinkles and crease lines. If you do want to change the actual texture of the skin, you can do this through additional treatments, such as laser resurfacing or using a chemical resurfacing process.It is important to consider the benefits of this type of procedure before you get it. For example, the procedure creates a small incision right at the hairline near the temple. It continues from that position to the front of the ear and down, around the ear lobe. Then, doctors will pull the skin properly, including all of the muscles into place. If there is excessive skin, the doctor removes it. The benefits of the face lift include a more youthful look. Some claims state that this procedure can take ten years off the way your face looks. Keep in mind that this procedure is one of the most commonly performed facial surgical procedures for cosmetic reasons.There are risk factors to this process, just as there are risks to any type of surgery you may have. This includes the risk of infection. If you are considering having it done, discuss your options with your cosmetic surgeon before making a decision. He or she will guide you in the right direction in terms of which types of procedures are best for you.All it takes is a bit of care and you could have that youthful face you are after. A face lift can enhance the way you look and feel while also giving your self esteem a boost as well. For many, this cosmetic surgery is just what they need to feel and look great, as well as years younger.


Different Types Of Rhinoplasty

Different Types Of Rhinoplasty


Cuthbert Medical

Be sure your doctor will provide all information and instruction you need to make healthy and full recovery. However, if you still feel unsure about what lies ahead, here are some tips on how to get back to normal after the operation.

Each person is dissimilar when it comes to how long it takes to get well from the range of forms of

plastic surgery

. Although there is no \”one size fits all\” strategy of recovery, most people recommend taking two weeks of work to fully recover from the procedure. Some return to work before that and then something in return. You may not need much time outside, but you better be prepared for the worst. If you have summer time, which would make the best opportunity to have a procedure of this type of surgery. There are two basic approaches to a nose job, and these are the open and closing techniques. Both can be performed by the surgeon and both have advantages and disadvantages.


Open Surgery

The open method is that many doctors favor due to the ease of access that gives. The procedure begins with the surgeon to prepare the patient. Once the whole procedure is ready, make incisions in the face around the nostrils and through the piece of tissue that separates the two nostrils. The changes that the surgeon has to do then made, and the skin and tissues back to their original positions. This is where the method takes its name: the fact that all the skin can be opened due to the incisions that allow access to the nose and its basic structure. Many physicians favor this technique of rhinoplasty, and this is often recommended, especially for operations that require a reduction, which involves shaving off some bone and cartilage. The recovery of the open method is better than closed, but only a few degrees. Scarring is a risk that can occur, although the incisions are made near the natural creases of the nose of the person, which can reduce visibility.

Closed Technique

This method does not have to release the skin incisions in the tissue. This means that the scope of the surgeon is more limited in comparison with the open technique. Starts the operation if performed with the incision itself within the nostrils. This basically guarantees and leaves no visible scars, which is not guaranteed by the open technique. Rhinoplasty recovery with this technique can also be tricky because the incisions are inside the nose, which means packaging usually bear in the area to support the structure and to minimize bleeding. Steps also need to take to make certain that the nose is kept clean to prevent infection from developing. Packaging can be removed only a couple of days after surgery as directed by the surgeon, but the nose should not be touched or moved frequently until your doctor says it may be.

In total, the surgeon is recommending the rhinoplasty technique best suits the needs and preferences of the patient. There are some cases where a procedure may not be suitable for a particular patient. If you are worried about rhinoplasty cost. Well than

rihnoplasty cost

in UK is very less than compared to other countries.

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