Proposal for Buffalo, N.Y. hotel reportedly dead: parcels for sale “by owner”

Buffalo, N.Y. Hotel Proposal Controversy
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  • “Hotel development proposal could displace Buffalo, NY business owners” — Wikinews, February 17, 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Buffalo, New York —A proposed hotel that was supposed to be built at the corner of Elmwood and Forest Avenues in Buffalo, New York is apparently off the table. The former proposal was going to be called The Elmwood Village Hotel and would have consisted of 72 rooms and cost between $7 to $10 million American dollars to build.

Today several unknown individuals were seen removing a sign that was dedicated to the “Elmwood Village Gateway,” which signifies the beginning of the Elmwood Village at the formerly proposed project’s location.

Nearly an hour later the men replaced the sign with a different and unexpected sign: “For Sale: 5 commercial parcels and 1 carriage house, By: Owner.” Those 5 “parcels” are 1109-1121 Elmwood and 999 Forest Avenue, which is located in an illegal alley, according to the City of Buffalo, behind the 5 other properties on Elmwood. Hans Mobius owns all properties named in the sale.

Sam Savarino, CEO of Savarino Companies never owned the properties and has repeatadly told Wikinews in exclusive interviews that he still had a “contract to buy the properties” and on October 2, 2006 told Wikinews in an exclusive interview that he “extended” the “agreement to purchase the property[s] and will have it under contract for what we hope is a sufficient period of time.”

“He [Mobius] is undoubtedly concerned because he has lost some tenants and is a bit impatient. I think he has properly portrayed the situation,” said Savarino in an exclusive interview with Wikinews.

Savarino also says that there may be “legal issues” to work out now, before anything else can move forward, regarding the proposal.

“There are some legal complexities that must be sorted out before anything can happen there,” added Savarino.

The welcome sign was; however, not removed entirely. The sign was placed, facing the same direction of north, on the side of the Forest Plaza Art Gallery, a new art gallery located on the corner of Forest and Elmwood.

Nancy Pollina, owner of Don Apparel which was located at 1109 Elmwood, but closed on October 14, 2006 considers this a possible “victory” in regards to the lawsuit filed against the hotel to stop it from being built, alleging that several laws were broken, including not performing an Environmental Impact Study before the proposal was approved by the city, during its approval and the proposal was “rushed.” Patricia Morris, who operates Don Apparel with Pollina, Angeline Genovese and Evelyn Bencinich, owners of residences on Granger Place which abut the rear of the proposed site, Nina Freudenheim, a resident of nearby Penhurst Park, and Sandra Girage, the owner of a two-family residence on Forest Avenue less than a hundred feet from the proposed hotel’s sole entrance and exit driveway, were also plaintiffs in the lawsuit. They filed the suit with a lawyer representing them, Arthur J. Giacalone, on April 25, 2006 in New York State Supreme Court, but the case has never gone to a courtroom.

Giacalone believes that a press release issued in July regarding the project was nothing but a statement to “save face,” but that the placement of the for sale sign might be a way of convincing Savarino to speed up the sale of the properties.

“I thought all along that Savarino’s July press release might be no more than an effort to save face. But we have no way of knowing. Similarly, Mobius might have put the for-sale sign up in an attempt to pressure Savarino into closing the deal. There’s no way to tell,” said Giacalone in an exclusive interview with Wikinews.

In regards to the lawsuit, Giacalone thinks it may now be in “limbo.”

“The lawsuit still sits in limbo,” added Giacalone.

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Navy helping New Orleans pets

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Spanish word “tortuga” means “turtle.” But in the wake of the New Orleans disaster, the USS Tortuga is helping other animals.

For nearly two weeks now, sailors from Tortuga’s repair division have devoted much of their time during this disaster relief operation to ensure the health and comfort of displaced pets.

September 4th, just after the ship moored to a pier at Naval Support Activity (NSA) New Orleans, HT1(SW) Mark Hanley and DC1(SW) Antony Graves gathered materials from the repair shop on board to construct a kennel along the levee. The facility they made soon became a popular shelter for the homeless animals of the storm.

Tortuga’s search and rescue team brought aboard more than 170 displaced citizens during this past week, providing them with food, water, medical aid and a place to sleep.

Tortuga’s makeshift kennel, named ‘Camp Milo & Otis,’ has housed as many as 90 dogs, eight cats, one rabbit, one guinea pig, a pair of parakeets and a flightless pigeon during the past week of operation.

Currently, there are 14 dogs that remain in Tortuga’s care, as many of the other pets have been taken to animal shelters in the area for extra medical attention, or been claimed by their owners upon arrival to Tortuga. The pets that Tortuga has registered have all been in the hands of professional veterinarians assigned to provide expert medical attention to the members of Camp Milo & Otis.

Dr. Kelly Crowdis and Dr. Latina Gambles, both from Tuskegee University and Christian Veterinary Missions, have treated many of the pets for infection, dehydration, malnourishment and broken bones at the Camp during the past week.

“The animals were bathed and assessed before physical interaction with the sailors,” said Dr. Crowdis. “They’ve been given immunizations, antibiotics and medications based on their medical needs.”

Dr. Crowdis added, “What these sailors have done on their own has been such a heart-warming thing. As an animal lover, it is so comforting to know that everyone cares about the animals in addition to the human lives rescued from the storm. I’m very pleased with these guys for taking the initiative to construct this kennel.”

Graves, Hanley and other members of their division have consistently bathed, fed, walked and given special attention to every dog, every day.

“We play with them,” said Hanley. “We take them out of their kennels to give them attention every day. And we’ll continue to do that for as long as our ship’s mission keeps us here.”

September 11th, the Agricultural Center at Louisiana State University donated supplies to “Camp Milo & Otis” in support of Tortuga’s efforts to help the animal victims.

”We got medical supplies, bowls, food, cages, leashes, collars, toys, cat litter and cleaning supplies from these people yesterday,” said Graves. “It’s nice to know that so many people out there have heard about what our ship is doing, and responded by donating so much to support us the best they can.”

A photo gallery of unclaimed pets is on the USS Tortuga’s web site.

As part of disaster plans, the Department of Homeland Security has also deployed Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams to provide medical care to pets and livestock, as well as provide any needed veterinary medical care for search and rescue dogs.

There are over 3,850 animals being sheltered around the state. If someone is looking for a pet they should contact their nearest Humane Society or go online to . More information is also available at

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3 Basic Steps To Manage Accounting For Private Doctors &Amp; Medical Practices}

3 Basic Steps to manage Accounting for Private Doctors & Medical Practices


Cathy LAccounting is the recording of financial transactions plus storing, sorting, retrieving, summarizing, and presenting the information in various reports and analyses. Accounting is also a profession consisting of individuals having the formal education to carry out these tasks.Calculate your expenses;Know what is an expense in your industry; this can include; RentClinic Equipment Operating cotsTravel expensesBy setting up your business expenses accordingly and not interfering them with your personal expenses, you will be able to keep your overall tax amount considerably lower.Tax law says that an expense is allowable for tax if it is incurred ‘wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the trade’. If an expense is incurred for more than one purpose, i.e. business as well as personal use, a deduction for any identifiable proportion of the expense which is incurred ‘wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the trade’ is allowable. We have set out some of the types of expenditure that may be allowable. It should not be seen as an exhaustive list. What is allowable depends on the facts in each case.Organize an adequate Payroll system:When managing your own clinic, it is important to understand the legal requirements of employee taxation. You must register every employee to PAYE through HMRC to collect Income Tax and National Insurance from employment if your employees are paid 113 or more a week. It is also essential to keep payroll records of these employees.Small businesses, including payroll for GP surgeries that do not have an internal facility, will require to set up a system in order to pay workers, keep things organised and running smoothly. Larger companies may prefer to outsource the complete payroll service rather than employ specialist staff.Setting Up Your Business: When first setting up your company, it is important to have an understanding of the different structures this may include as this in the future and throughout your career is going to affect your tax. Here are 3 most popular business structures in the UK: Private Limited Company (Ltd) – This is the most popular to the limited liability, potential tax advantages Liability of the shareholders is limited to their investment. The personal assets of a shareholder are not affected if the company is dissolved.Public Limited Company (PLC)Legal entities in their own right. Opposite from a private limited company, the shares of a PLC can be traded in the public market and this is often used to raise finance.Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)Similar to a traditional partnership and also has limited liability. This structure is profit driven and is generally the most popular choice of law and accountancy firms.We specialise in Accounting for dental practices, doctors, and other private clinics. For any more information or advice to help your business or career visit our site at

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Saturn moon Enceladus may have salty ocean

Thursday, June 23, 2011

NASA’s Cassini–Huygens spacecraft has discovered evidence for a large-scale saltwater reservoir beneath the icy crust of Saturn’s moon Enceladus. The data came from the spacecraft’s direct analysis of salt-rich ice grains close to the jets ejected from the moon. The study has been published in this week’s edition of the journal Nature.

Data from Cassini’s cosmic dust analyzer show the grains expelled from fissures, known as tiger stripes, are relatively small and usually low in salt far away from the moon. Closer to the moon’s surface, Cassini found that relatively large grains rich with sodium and potassium dominate the plumes. The salt-rich particles have an “ocean-like” composition and indicate that most, if not all, of the expelled ice and water vapor comes from the evaporation of liquid salt-water. When water freezes, the salt is squeezed out, leaving pure water ice behind.

Cassini’s ultraviolet imaging spectrograph also recently obtained complementary results that support the presence of a subsurface ocean. A team of Cassini researchers led by Candice Hansen of the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona, measured gas shooting out of distinct jets originating in the moon’s south polar region at five to eight times the speed of sound, several times faster than previously measured. These observations of distinct jets, from a 2010 flyby, are consistent with results showing a difference in composition of ice grains close to the moon’s surface and those that made it out to the E ring, the outermost ring that gets its material primarily from Enceladean jets. If the plumes emanated from ice, they should have very little salt in them.

“There currently is no plausible way to produce a steady outflow of salt-rich grains from solid ice across all the tiger stripes other than salt water under Enceladus’s icy surface,” said Frank Postberg, a Cassini team scientist at the University of Heidelberg in Germany.

The data suggests a layer of water between the moon’s rocky core and its icy mantle, possibly as deep as about 50 miles (80 kilometers) beneath the surface. As this water washes against the rocks, it dissolves salt compounds and rises through fractures in the overlying ice to form reserves nearer the surface. If the outermost layer cracks open, the decrease in pressure from these reserves to space causes a plume to shoot out. Roughly 400 pounds (200 kilograms) of water vapor is lost every second in the plumes, with smaller amounts being lost as ice grains. The team calculates the water reserves must have large evaporating surfaces, or they would freeze easily and stop the plumes.

“We imagine that between the ice and the ice core there is an ocean of depth and this is somehow connected to the surface reservoir,” added Postberg.

The Cassini mission discovered Enceladus’ water-vapor and ice jets in 2005. In 2009, scientists working with the cosmic dust analyzer examined some sodium salts found in ice grains of Saturn’s E ring but the link to subsurface salt water was not definitive. The new paper analyzes three Enceladus flybys in 2008 and 2009 with the same instrument, focusing on the composition of freshly ejected plume grains. In 2008, Cassini discovered a high “density of volatile gases, water vapor, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, as well as organic materials, some 20 times denser than expected” in geysers erupting from the moon. The icy particles hit the detector target at speeds between 15,000 and 39,000 MPH (23,000 and 63,000 KPH), vaporizing instantly. Electrical fields inside the cosmic dust analyzer separated the various constituents of the impact cloud.

“Enceladus has got warmth, water and organic chemicals, some of the essential building blocks needed for life,” said Dennis Matson in 2008, Cassini project scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

“This finding is a crucial new piece of evidence showing that environmental conditions favorable to the emergence of life can be sustained on icy bodies orbiting gas giant planets,” said Nicolas Altobelli, the European Space Agency’s project scientist for Cassini.

“If there is water in such an unexpected place, it leaves possibility for the rest of the universe,” said Postberg.

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Three men arrested under suspicion of organising dog fights in southern Finland

Wednesday, August 15, 2007File:240-dogFighting.jpg

Three Finnish men have been arrested as part of an investigation by the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) into apparent illegal dogfights in various locations in the south of the country.

Dog fights, in which two dogs are pitted head-to-head for the entertainment of spectators and for gambling, is illegal in Finland, and is covered by Finland’s animal protection laws, as dogs often sustain severe or even fatal injuries. It is believed this case also involved gambling, thus rendering the suspects, if convicted, in breach of gambling laws also.

The investigation was started in July after the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) forwarded information to the NBI, claiming that during an investigation of its own for a programme it was making into dog fighting in the United Kingdom, they had uncovered connections to comparable activity in Finland.

“We are trying to find out when the activity has started and how widespread it has been. Apparently, just a small gang of people has been involved.” said Detective Chief Inspector Göran Wennqvist, adding that “We are now trying to find out whether or not this is part of a larger international organisation or just local criminal activity.”

It is believed the dogs went through training fights to test if they were suitable for fighting prior to actual events. A number of animals thought to have been used for fighting have been examined by a veterinarian to determine the types of injuries sustained by the dogs.

Despite the fact that dog fighting is known to have occurred in various countries – including countries close to Finland, such as Sweden, Norway, and Russia – neither the police or the Finnish Kennel Club were aware of any previous incidents occurring in Finland, although chairman of the board of the Finnish Kennel Club Martti Mannersuo told reporters that he recalled a rumour “many years ago” of domestic dog fights occurring in Finland, although this went unconfirmed. Wennqvist, however, independently told YLE “In other Nordic countries, they have seen incidents of dog fighting since the 90’s, but I haven’t come across any cases in Finland in 32 years,” although it is unclear if this was a confirmed case or if it were linked to the rumour Mannersuo had reported.

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Body of missing Florida girl found

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The body of Sarah Lunde, a missing 13-year-old Florida girl, was found very close to her home Saturday, authorities said.

Lunde’s body was found by a search-and-rescue dog in an abandoned fish farm about a half-mile away from her home, according to David Gee, sheriff of Hillsborough County. Lunde had been missing since last Sunday from her home in Ruskin, a town to the south of Tampa.

Gee said the body had a green cast on one arm, just as Sarah did. “The green cast is apparent,” he said. He also stated that the body had been in the water for a long period of time, and that an autopsy would be performed to determine the cause of Lunde’s death.

“The family is very distraught,” Gee added.

According to CNN, David Onstott, 36, was charged late Saturday night with first-degree murder Gee said. “He is the defendant.”,Onstott confessed to the murder.He was arrested on Tuesday on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Aside from a 1995 sexual assault charge, Onstott is said to have been sighted at Lunde’s house hours after Lunde disappeared, and grabbed a half-empty beer bottle as he left. This could possibly link him to the numerous beer bottles found around the area, which, it is rumored, will be subjected to DNA testing. Onstott was also arraigned on Thursday on charges of not registering as a sex offender and is currently being held in the Hillsborough County Jail. Although his bond was set at $250,000, sheriff’s spokesman J.D. Callaway stated that since no bond was set on a Michigan drunk driving warrant Onstott is also being held for, there is no bond set on him for his various other charges, so Onstott is being held without bond for the moment.

This case is now the second such case in a month. Jessica Lunsford‘s body was found in Citrus County, north of Tampa, after she had been missing from her home for three weeks.

Convicted sex offender John E. Couey, who had been living near Lunsford’s home, was arrested and charged with her murder after he confessed.

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Do Your Investigate. Basically being aware of the appeal of the car or truck you are interested in is not sufficient. Still look at out the Blue Guide value, but also find out frequent maintenance difficulties with automobiles that are that make, design, and 12 months. Test out the CarFax report on the particular auto you are considering of obtaining to make convinced it was adequately taken care of and not in any really serious accidents. Make sure that if you are seeking at Mitsubishi autos and a person has been in an accident, they replaced broken components with genuine Mitsubishi components.

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Contemplate Conditioning The Auto On An Inspection. If the car is much more than a couple thousand bucks, or actually, even if it is a lot less, you could want to make the sale contingent upon a clean inspection.

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HMV Canada to finally sell iPods, to avoid fate of Sam’s, Music World

Friday, December 7, 2007

Many of record store HMV‘s Canadian locations have started to stock iPod portable music players, in a move to stay relevant.

HMV Canada President Humphrey Kadaner commented “While the majority of purchased music continues to be in physical form, it’s clear the listening experience of many Canadians is evolving to also include portable music and for the majority of those consumers the digital player of choice is the iPod. As the country’s leading music retailer, it only makes sense that we provide a full music experience for our customers by selling Canada’s leading digital music player.”

“Many people think the world of CDs and the world of iPod are incompatible and it just isn’t true. Not only are they compatible, they are now cohabitating at many HMV stores across the country. The addition of iPod in HMV stores is another step in HMV’s evolution from a music retailer to an entertainment retailer.”

In mid-November this year, Canadian chain Music World announced it was closing its stores as of the new year. The franchise has 72 stores across the country, and 648 employees who have been able to keep their jobs during liquidation, which is expected to continue through until Christmas. The store’s website now contains nothing but its logo for months.

Previously, the last remaining location of Sam the Record Man closed down, in downtown Toronto. Sam once had 130 stores nationwide, then the record. There is a store in Belleville and Sarnia, once part of the chain, but now simply known as “SAM”.

The last American locations of HMV closed in 2004.

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US drone strike kills eight in Pakistan’s tribal region

Monday, December 22, 2008

A suspected United States military air strike launched by a remote-controlled and unmanned CIA aircraft on Monday morning killed at least 8 militants. Media reports claim that in two separate attacks, three missiles were fired by US drones at South Waziristan’s Karikot and Shin Warsak villages, a tribal area in northwest Pakistan, well-known as center of Taliban and Al-Qaeda activity. The site of the attack is about nine miles (15 km) from the town of Wana in South Waziristan, an ungoverned tribal region.

South Waziristan is the southern part of Waziristan, a mountainous region of northwest Pakistan, bordering Afghanistan and covering some 11,585 km² (4,473 mi²). It comprises the area west and southwest of Peshawar between the Tochi River to the North and the Gomal river to the south, forming part of Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). The North-West Frontier Province lies immediately to the east. The region was an independent tribal territory from 1893, remaining outside of British-ruled empire and Afghanistan. Tribal raiding into British-ruled territory was a constant problem for the British, requiring frequent punitive expeditions between 1860 and 1945. The region became part of Pakistan in 1947.

A senior security official said that “two vehicles fitted with guns were destroyed,” adding that “the eight people killed were all inside the vehicles.” Pakistani intelligence said they believed the extremists killed were members of local Pakistani Taliban groups. The reports also said that the missiles “targeted vehicles mounted with anti-aircraft guns, and one missile missed its intended target and landed near a house.” A local official said nine other extremists were wounded in the drone strike.

Agence France-Presse has reported that “a missile attack late last month by a US jet killed Rashid Rauf, the alleged Al-Qaeda mastermind of a 2006 transatlantic airplane bombing plot, as well as an Egyptian Al-Qaeda operative, security officials have said.” US unmanned drones have launched not less than 20 missile attacks in Pakistan Afghan border or tribal areas since August. The strikes have raised tensions between Washington and Islamabad.

In November, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani viewed these missile strikes as flagrant violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. He announced his government was considering “a number of options to counter attacks”. BBC has reported, however, that Pakistan “has been reluctant to move either diplomatically or militarily to stop these strikes.” “This has fuelled speculation that the attacks may be part of a secret pact between Pakistan and the US,” it added. Meanwhile, President George W. Bush, last week, said that “you know very well that when it comes to certain matters, the U.S. government doesn’t discuss operations.” He ruled out consultations with other governments, including Pakistan, prior to drone strikes operations.

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2008 Taipei International Book Exhibition: Varied fiction books showed different authoring style

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

At the 2008 Taipei International Book Exhibition, comic books and fiction books presented different authoring styles in formatting, story construction, and background settings. Examples of these were highlighted at two seminars entitled “On Trends in Creative Chinese Literature” and “From ‘Shao Nu Xiao Yu‘ (????, meaning in English as “A Young Girl – Little Fish”) to ‘The Banquet Bug‘ (???)”, as well as through recent fiction released by several publishers in Taiwan.

In the seminar about ‘The Banquet Bug’, a book, which has drawn by international media attention from The Times, Daily Mail, and TIME Magazine, was recently translated into the Chinese language by John Chiang-sheng Kuo (???). Taiwanese literature commentator Nan Fang Shou (???, pen-name by Xin-ching Wang, ???) said the following at the seminar:

Even though this novel [The Banquet Bug] focused on phenomena of “cheating”, it evidently showed the presence of society in several places or incidents.

At the other seminar, “On Trends in Creative Chinese Literature”, which focused on wuxia novels, famous Taiwanese novelist Da-chuen Chang (???) commented with some specialists on wuxia novels and said:

The wuxia novel in the Chinese-language world is very valuable, especially in some elements, story construction, history background, gangsters related to Chinese martial-arts, because several elements above may not be seen in Western (European and American) novels. I think the traditions in the Chinese-language world can still keep in path even though Jin Yong‘s novels were famous in the past.

In fact, the novel and fiction authoring in Taiwan has generally been steady and varied with such examples and the maturation of independent authoring.

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