Australian House of Representatives grows heated over industrial relations legislation

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Australian industral relations reform legislationmade up of 700 pages of bill legislation and 500 additional pages of explanatory memoranda was introduced into the Federal House of Representatives November 2, where the Opposition heatedly attempted to address their perceived problem of the Government’s lack of discussion and debate over the matter.

The first reading of the bill was the first order of the day, and when Kevin Andrews tried to do so, Opposition member Stephen Smith, responsible for workplace relations, immediately moved a motion deferring the bills to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Employment, Workplace Relations and Workforce Participation. The Leader of the House, Tony Abbott moved that Smith and the necessary supporter — viz., Julia Gillard — be not further heard (cloture). The Government’s majority in the House ensured that this would happen. However, Opposition members attempted to use House standing orders necessitating that copies of the bill to be “available to Members”, with argument arising whether “available to Members” meant all members or simply whether some copies should be available; this ended up in a dissent motion moved against the Speaker of the House.

Later, in a heated Question Time, where six members of the Opposition, (Kelly Hoare, Julia Irwin, Anthony Albanese, Bernard Ripoll, Catherine King, and Gavan O’Connor), were removed from the Chamber during Question Time under standing orders for disruption — Jill Hall quipped that she was “glad to be still here to ask [her] question” — nearly all questions to the Government put by the Opposition, the subsequent time for matters of public importance, and some members in the adjournment debate, was all on the topic of the industrial relations reform.

To implement and fund the legislation, the government will “spend an additional $486million on industrial relations changes over four years, or $121million a year. This spending would be in addition to the present annual budget of $86million.” said an unnamed government source for The Australian.

The government will need to use its corporation powers to remove the powers from the states to alter the award conditions and other employee employer related conditions. But the New South Wales premier Morris Iemma has received legal advice that the legislation maybe unconstitutional, the reason being its being used to end the role of the states and territories Australian States in the industrial relations system. “It is our view that the Commonwealth is misusing this law to achieve exactly what it was designed to prevent”, Iemma said. Mr Iemma will be challenging the changes in the high court with Peter Beattie Premier of Queensland supporting his challenge in the High Court.

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Eyewitnesses challenge Egyptian state media impartiality in fatal protests

Thursday, October 13, 2011

With at least 24 dead, eye-witnesses to Sunday night’s protests in Egypt assert state-run media broadcast unreliable information, and incorrectly claimed Coptic protesters provoked military action.

Challenging the official narrative provided by Egyptian state media channels, including Channel One and Nile News, blog reports and other social media coverage dispute early reports on Channel One that those protesting threw stones, and fired live ammunition, at military personnel. Further allegations assert coverage was selective, with footage of military vehicles pursuing and running over protesters not aired.

Nile News conducted interviews with injured on each side of the clash. Military and security barred protestors from reaching their building. Nile News anchor Hesham Assy said: ” We did the best we could, given the circumstances, as it was very difficult to leave the building last night.”

Despite this, journalist Mai Elwakil writing for Almasry Alyoum claims “the coverage [overall] seems to have led viewers to believe that Coptic protesters caused the violence.”

Challenging the stance of state media, it is claimed the military fired upon protesters, and deliberately attacked them using excessive force. Members of the state media also question the coverage; state TV worker Taghreed al-Dossouky announced via her Twitter account, “I reject the Egyptian state media’s coverage because it incites sectarianism, and I condemn all those who partake in it.”

At least 24 people were killed and over 200 wounded as the demonstration turned violent.

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Swan in Fife, Scotland dies with H5N1 bird flu virus infection

Thursday, April 6, 2006

It has been confirmed that tests done on a dead Mute Swan found in the village of Cellardyke in Fife, Scotland has tested positive for the deadly strain of H5N1 Bird Flu virus. The swan is believed to have been native to Scotland.

Two other swans found in Richmond Park in Glasgow are being tested for the H5N1 virus. They are among at least 14 other dead birds and 12 more swans found in Glasgow, that are being tested for the H5N1 virus.

This is the United Kingdom‘s first confirmed case of the H5N1 virus and would make the U.K. the 14th country to report the virus.

“The risk to humans has not changed by the fact that we have found the virus in the U.K.. There is a better chance of a person winning the national lottery than catching bird flu in the U.K. today,” said Doctor Jim Robertson from the National Institutes for Biological Standards and Control in a press conference.

“We also have to work on the assumption that there is some spread among wild birds. There is no doubt we are getting closer to the day when moving birds indoors will be necessary,” said former President of the British Veterinary Association, Bob McCracken. “The situation is that the virus is there, and it will probably continue to circulate among the birds. It will spread through close contact, irrespective of species. There is one big question mark: Will the virus disappear from wild birds after a period of six months, or will it still be present after a period of six years?” added McCracken.

McCracken also said that the virus could turn up in more birds saying, “I would start from the assumption that a small pool of wild birds in the Fife area are infected and potentially passing it on to other birds” and that seagulls could pose a threat of passing on the virus because they have been known to peck at the bodies of other dead birds that were infected. “We have to assume that,” he said.

In a statement by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, released yesterday, the Scottish Executive confirmed that a “highly pathogenic H5 avian flu” virus was found in a sample taken from the dead swan.

The swan was discovered March 29, 2006 and has been confirmed as a domestic species and officials say that it may have caught the virus from another infected bird. Officials also report that the area where the swan has been found is being sealed off.

“In accordance with a recent EU decision the Scottish Executive is putting in place a protection zone of a minimum of three kilometres radius and a surveillance zone of 10 kilometers. Keepers of birds in the protection zone are being instructed to isolate their birds from wild birds, by taking them indoors where ever possible,” said the Scottish Executive in a statement.

Samples from the swan were sent to the European Union Bird Flu Laboratory at Weybridge.

“Bird keepers outside the protection zone should redouble their efforts to prepare for bringing their birds indoors if that becomes necessary. They must also review their biosecurity measures to ensure that all possible precautions have been taken,” said Charles Milne, Chief Veterinary Officer for Scotland yesterday in the statement.

An exercise named ‘Exercise Hawthorn’ was to prepare people for a possible pandemic was taking place yesterday and was halted just after the discovery of the dead swan. Officials were in the second phase of the exercise. Taking part in the exercises were the Ministry of Defence, the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Environment Agency and several other areas of the British government.

“I brought to an end the national avian influenza exercise to ensure that we can bring all our resources to bear on this situation. We are already in a high state of readiness and I have every confidence that officials north and south of the border will work together to manage this incident successfully,” said the United Kingdom’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Debby Reynolds.

However; today Reynolds stated “there is no reason for public health concern” and also stated that in order for Bird Flu to infect humans, it would require “extremely close contact with infected birds, particularly feces.”

According to the World Health Organization H5N1 has killed 109 people worldwide since 2003.

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Erectile Dysfunction: A Typical Worldwide Issue For Men

Global Percentage of Men Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction

  • Over 30 million men in the United States of America suffer from ED.
  • 1 in 5 men in the United Kingdom, which is equal to about 4.3 million men, suffer from ED.
  • 63% of the men in Hong Kong suffer from ED.
  • 1 out of 10 men are impotent in India.
  • Around 1 million men in Australia suffer from weakness of man in bed.
  • 49% of men in Canada, are said to suffer from erectile dysfunction.
  • In China, 127 million men over the age of 40 suffer from ED.
  • 66% of the men of Qatar suffer from ED.
  • 6% of the men in Indonesia suffer from reason of weakness in man.

In general, men all over the globe suffer from ED.

Erectile Dysfunction on the Rise?

It would appear so, according to studies. The largest increase in the number of ED cases in the coming years is expected to be in South America, Asia and Africa, followed by North America and Oceania.

What is quite shocking, is that the rise in the number of ED cases, is expected to be most in South America, Asia and Africa, regions that are referred to as the ‘developing world’, a world in which healthcare systems are underfunded and not at all well developed,

Shocking Revelations about Erectile Dysfunction

As shocking as it may seem, but the reality is that studies have revealed that:

  • 5% of men who are of the age of 40, suffer from total erectile dysfunction (ED).
  • By the age of 70, almost as many as 15% men suffer from total impotence in men.
  • As far as ED which is mild and moderate goes, 50% of men in their 50s suffer from this and 60% of men in their 60s suffer from this.
  • In men who are past the age of 80, almost as high as 86% of these men suffer from male sexual impotence.
  • It is indicated that in men who are less than the age of 40, the prevalence of ED that ranges from moderate to severe, lies in the range of 2 – 26%.
  • Research was done on more than 400 men and the results showed almost 1 out of 4 erectile dysfunction cases which were new, occurred in men who were less than 40 years of age.
  • Other recent studies show that more and more young men who are less than the age of 30, suffer from ED.
  • As a man grows older, especially as he goes past the age of 65, his chances of getting ED are on the rise.
  • New studies have revealed that ED is becoming more and more prevalent in young men in their 20s and 30s.

Percentages of Age Related Erectile Dysfunction

For severe and moderate cases of ED, studies revealed the following:

  • 70-79 years of age: 36.4% and 27.9%.
  • 60-69 years of age: 15.9% and 25.9%.
  • 50-59 years of age: 6.0% and 14.0%.
  • 40-49 years of age: 1.0% and 7.6%.
  • 30-39 years of age: 0% and 2.6%.
  • 23-29 years of age: 0% and 1.8%.

Risk Factors Contributing To Erectile Dysfunction

There are some very significant risk factors that contribute to men all over the world suffering from ED and these are:

  • Chronic hepatitis
  • History of prostate operations
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Disc herniation
  • Interpersonal stress
  • Cerebral infarction
  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Age

Are Certain Men More Prone To Getting Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes there are some men who are at a higher risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction symptoms and these are:

  • Men who have heart diseases.
  • Men who are heavy smokers.
  • Men who suffer from urinary tract infections.
  • Men suffering from diabetes.
  • Men who take drugs.
  • Men who do not exercise.
  • Men who suffer from depression.
  • Men who have high cholesterol.
  • Men who have high blood pressure.
  • Men who are obese.

Just What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

One erectile dysfunction meaning is as follows:

‘The inability to reach and maintain an adequate erection to achieve satisfying sexual intercourse’.

Though it is true that ED is not life-threatening, it is also true that when a man suffers from ED, the quality of his life is affected badly, as well as that of his partners. Plus, the man who suffers from ED undergoes all kinds of fears and pressures like:

  • Relationship issues.
  • Loss of self esteem.
  • Work place problems.
  • Loss of confidence.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Age Dependant?

Yes, ED is age dependant. The older you get, the stronger are your chances of getting ED. Total ED in men at the age of 40 was 5% and this rose to 15% in men at the age of 70.

But this does not mean that you cannot get ED at a young age. New studies reveal that up to 1/3rd of young men have ED.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Medicine Available?

Yes, there are a number of medicines that are available for the treatment of ED and some of these are:

  • Oral Medicines: Tadalista, Fildena, Suhagra, Tadasoft, Filagra, Vidalista, Cenforce, Tadarise, Avaforce, Tadacip and Malegra.
  • Penile Implants.
  • Intraurethral Medications.
  • Niacin: Also called vitamin B3.
  • Vacuum Erection Devices.
  • Natural Herbs.
  • Testosterone Therapy.
  • Erectile Dysfunction Exercises.
  • Foods: Certain foods help in treating ED and these include watermelon, bananas, coffee, spinach, green onions, carrots, cherries, avocados, to name a few.
  • Penile Injections.

What Is The Main Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction?

If you are seeking the answer to this, then what you need to understand is that there is no ‘main erectile dysfunction cause’ for men all over the world, to suffer from ED. There are a number of reasons why men suffer from sexual dysfunction symptoms and some of the major reasons include psychological factors, physical factors, reduced flow of blood, use of drugs, hypogonadism, use of some kinds of medicines, urological issues, use of alcohol, issues with the functioning of blood vessels and injuries. If you want to get more detail about ED and men impotence then have a peek here: EDBalance.

The truth is, no matter what is the reason for which you are suffering from ED, you can be treated for it. As you can see, men all over the world suffer from ED and these men have various male sexual dysfunction treatment options that are available to them. By talking to a male doctor specialist, your doctor will be able to advise you as to what the best Erectile Dysfunction treatmentoption is available to you. You can also be sure of another fact, in case one treatment does not work for you, another one will or a combination of treatments will definitely work on you, to treat you for ED and ensure that you start living a healthy and normal life – sex life included! And keep in mind, though it is true that – Erectile Dysfunction: A typical worldwide issue for men, it need not be an issue for you!

David S. Touretzky discusses Scientology, Anonymous and Tom Cruise

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

David S. Touretzky, prominent free speech activist and critic of Scientology, discussed his opinions on the recent Internet backlash against the Church of Scientology in an interview with former Scientologist and Wikinews reporter Nicholas Turnbull. The recent conflict on the Internet between critics of Scientology and the Church has been spurred on in declarations by a nebulous Internet entity using the name Anonymous that the Church of Scientology “will be destroyed”. Anonymous has directed recent protests at Scientology centres across the world, which have attracted significant numbers of individuals supporting the cause. In recent e-mail correspondence with Wikinews, a representative of the Church of Scientology declared that the Church considers the activities of Anonymous to be illegal, and that Anonymous “will be handled and stopped”.

Touretzky, a research professor in artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience at Carnegie Mellon University, has been a prominent critic of the Church of Scientology since mid-1995, and has been protesting against Scientology vociferously since then; he has also run websites that publish material that Scientology wishes to keep suppressed from the public eye, such as extracts from Scientology’s formerly-confidential Operating Thetan (OT) materials. Touretzky views the actions of the Church of Scientology as being “a threat to free speech”, and has endured harassment by the Church of Scientology for his activities.

The Church of Scientology continues to suffer damage to its public reputation through increased exposure on the Internet and vocal protests by Scientology critics such as Prof. Touretzky. A recent event that focused intense attention on Scientology’s totalitarian attitude was the leak of an internal Church of Scientology propaganda video to the Internet video sharing site YouTube, in which celebrity Scientologist Tom Cruise spoke heavily in Scientology’s jargon and stated that that “we [Scientology] are the authorities” on resolving the difficulties of humanity. The declaration of war by Anonymous followed shortly after this leak, in the form of a video posted to the Internet.

The ongoing dispute, cast by some as Scientology versus the Internet, brought Scientology terms such as “SP” (Suppressive Person, an enemy of Scientology) and “KSW” (Keeping Scientology Working) into general usage by non-Scientologists from the late 1990s onwards; increased attention has been drawn to Scientology by the release of the Cruise video in addition to media coverage. This focus has caused an even greater propagation of these terms across the outside world, as Touretzky comments in the interview.

Wikinews asked Prof. Touretzky about the impact that the activities of Anonymous will have on Scientology, the public relations effect of the Tom Cruise video, the recent departure of individuals from the Church of Scientology’s executive management, the strategies that Anonymous will employ and Touretzky’s experiences of picketing the Church.

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  • 11 June 2021: Taylor Swift’s Evermore records biggest sales week of the year as it returns to No 1 on album chart
  • 27 May 2021: Olivia Rodrigo’s song good 4 u debuts at No 1 on US Billboard Hot 100 chart
  • 25 May 2021: ‘Rock and roll never dies’: Italy wins Eurovision after 30 years
  • 6 February 2021: Country singer Morgan Wallen’s recording contract cancelled following use of racial slur
  • 8 October 2020: Guitarist Eddie Van Halen dies, aged 65
  • 7 October 2019: Influential rock drummer Ginger Baker dies at age 80
  • 25 September 2019: Singer-songwriter Robert Hunter dies, aged 78
  • 16 May 2019: Actor Doris Day dies at 97
  • 9 September 2018: US rapper Mac Miller dies at home in Los Angeles
  • 18 August 2018: Singer Aretha Franklin, ‘queen of soul’, dies aged 76

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Darling announces UK budget for 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The United Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, yesterday announced the 2009 budget. The budget is an annual audit of the nation’s finances, and decides what should be done with taxpayers’ money.

The chancellor fell under scorn for his GDP growth forecasts, which are considered to be too optimistic in predicting that Britain will bounce back from its weakest economic performance since the end of the second world war. Darling forecast GDP growth of 3.5% in 2011, even after he was made to downgrade his predictions. He expects a record expansion of 1.25% next year, but chief UK economist Howard Archer disagrees, calling Darling’s predictions “mildly optimistic in the near term and much more optimistic in the long term.”

Was the increase in the ISA limit “too little, too late”?
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His plans for savers and pensioners, however, were commended by many, though was also criticised by a large portion of the populace. In the budget, Darling increased the amount that savers can put into an Individual Savings Account (ISA) from £7,200 to £10,200, of which £5,100 can be saved in cash. These increased limits will be available only to people aged over 50 from 6 October this year, and will not be available to everyone until 6 April next year. A number of financial experts described the move as being “too little, too late”, and Rumina Hassam, of price comparison website, said: “The government’s decision to increase the cash ISA limit by £1,500 to £5,100 for the over 50’s is a just another kick in the teeth for the majority of savers as they will have to wait even longer to benefit. There is no doubt that savers have been sacrificed as a result of the plummeting base rate, bringing savings rates to an all time low.”

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High End Intelligence Business Black Berry 9800 Drops 435 Yuan Today.

High-end Intelligence Business BlackBerry 9800 Drops 435 Yuan Today.


BlackBerry 9800(

cover de blackberry 8520

)(revised machine)in the merchant today,\” Beijing mobile phone network, \” reported the latest price is3650 Yuan, dropping435 Yuan again compared with the previous price of 4085 Yuan. Machine parts for the single charge, headset, data cable and instructions. Blackberry 9800(

YouTube Preview Image

blackbery housing replacements wholesale

) is a slider style main stream full keyboard smart 3G phones.

BlackBerry 9800 is with full-keyboard slide design, stylishatmosphere.BodyPositiveisa26 million color 3.2-inch capacitive touch screen, a resolution of 480 360 pixels, showing excellent results. Behind his back with a 500-megapixel camera and LED fill light operation to support the over all imaging for improvement.Blackberry9800equipped with the latest BlackBerry OS 6.0 smart phone operating system, CPU frequency up to624MHz, with 512MB ROM +512 MB RAM, body system is running smoothly, while commonly used features such as WIFI and GPS a real so equipped with the over all performance across the board.

Blackberry 9800 (Torch) mobile phone standard GSM, WCDMA 26 million color screen color. The main screen size 3.2 inches. The main screen resolution of 480 360 pixel touch screen capacitive touch screen, support for multi-touch operating system, BlackBerry OS 6.0 CPU frequency of 624MHz 500 million pixel camera Pixel auto focus feature supports Bluetooth Wi-Fi feature support GPS functionality to support

Blackberry 9800 is a new generation of high-end phones, but the aircraft did not use the whole keyboard has always been a classic candy bar shape, instead of using a slide full key board design, which were rare in the BlackBerry models. However, the capacitive touch screen coupled with a full keyboard, which makes the handling even better. 9800 equipped with a BlackBerry OS 6.0 smart operating system, but also have common features with. The cell phone drops 400 Yuan again today, reported out the new low price is 3650 Yuan, friends interested may have a consideration.

cover de blackberry 8520, blackbery housing replacements wholesale, blackberry curve rhinestones phone cover

cover de blackberry 8520


blackbery housing replacements wholesale


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FBI investigates AT&T security breach

Sunday, June 13, 2010


The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has launched a probe into a security breach that allowed hackers to retrieve 114,000 e-mail addresses of iPad users on the AT&T network.

The FBI announced the investigation Friday, which will determine exactly what allowed a group of hackers using the name “Goatse Security” to access the data. The security breach was first announced by the blog Gawker on Wednesday. The FBI has since asked Gawker Media LLC, the owners of the site, to retain all information relating to the incident. The company was also involved in another recent case with Apple Inc., which included the iPhone 4. Gawker said that it does not believe it is the main target of this FBI investigation.

Editors at Gawker were able to verify the information the hackers sent to them, and did not post full e-mail addresses or any other identifying information in its initial story of the incident. Gawker said that it did not pay Goatse Security for the data. One of the hackers later wrote that they did not reveal the addresses to anyone else and had already deleted them.

The hackers were able to obtain the data after discovering a program on AT&T’s website that provides the e-mail address of a user when that user’s identification number is given. The hackers essentially guessed and then saved the numbers for the 114,000 users. They did not tell AT&T of the security hole.

A spokesperson for AT&T said Wednesday that the company “was informed by a business customer on Monday of the potential exposure of their iPad ICC-IDs [the identification numbers]”, and had disabled the e-mail-providing program by Tuesday. AT&T also said that no other information was stolen other than the e-mails addresses of their customers, and that “there is no evidence that any other customer information was shared.” The company says it will notify all of the iPad users whose information was compromised.

Many of the users involved are high-ranking government or corporate officials, including Rahm Emanuel, the current White House Chief of Staff, and Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City. Others include employees of Google and the U.S. military.

Apple has not commented about the breach.

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State Farm Insurance allegedly destroying papers

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Zach Scruggs, a lawyer for United States Senator Trent Lott, says that State Farm Insurance Company is destroying records related to claims for damage from Hurricane Katrina.

The records allegedly contain information saying that State Farm fraudulently denied insurance claims made by its policy holders, including Lott, that had homes there were damaged or destroyed when Hurricane Katrina came ashore on the Gulf Coast.

Scruggs said that Lott has “good faith belief” that many employees of the insurance company in Biloxi, Mississippi are destroying engineer’s reports that were inconclusive as to whether or not water or wind was the main cause of damage to the buildings affected by the hurricane.

Lott is among thousands of home and/or business owners who had their property damaged or destroyed during the hurricane and had their claims denied because State Farm claimed that their policies don’t cover damage caused by floods or water that was driven by the wind.

State Farm has not issued a statement on the matter so far.

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