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The Summer Move From Hot To Humid}

Submitted by: Geo Clark

In August of 2010, the family made the move from sunny and not humid Southern California to very humid Indianapolis. The kids were 13,11,and 8 at the time. I figured that it would not be a big deal for them. I should have realized early that my children were not summer outdoor kids even in California. They were more in tune with video games as opposed to finding some friend that had a swimming pool on a hot day. My wife had lived in Central New York so I figured that she would get acclimated pretty quickly.

Our day one after the moving trucks left the house in California was simply a flight to Indiana. We flew and went right to a home with nice, central air. We got there late enough at night to try to catch fireflies on a cool evening. We were scheduled to meet the movers the next morning at 8 AM. The next morning was a monster weather day. My families first full day in Indiana would be 95 degrees with 90% humidity. After talking up Indiana and the manmade fishing lake we had, they were not ready for this. The movers were not ready for it either. At about noon, we were seeing the heavy humidity and losing weight while standing still. We wanted a HVAC specialist to help us suck the humidity out of the house. This was not meant to be. The air conditioning unit could not compete with the humidity. By about 4 PM, it was as hot in the house as it was outside.


To offset this, we took our children to a cool restaurant. This helped the overall attitude. Although, by the end of day 1, they were ready to go back to Southern California. When the movers finished, we ran the air conditioner which finally started to function. I volunteered the family to stay in a 90 degree house. They responded with “no”. Our nice ending was that we went to a friend’s house already air conditioned to 75 degrees for the rest of the night. To this day everyone remembers August 9th of 2010. The day that the heat monster sucked the air conditioned family into a day of heat and humidity.

From a fathers side for hope, the kids really liked to be able to go across the street and fish every day. If they didn’t want to fish, they would catch and watch frogs. After about a month, they got used to the humidity anyway. It sure wasn’t easy. It became a learning lesson move. There were learning lessons involved as each person adjusted in there own way. It was the kids first public school since kindergarten. My wife was leaving her friends along with community and church support. It was a new challenge for me.

I have moved 28 times over a short lifetime so far. I love to fish and hang out with the family. I’m thinking that the move to Northern California will be our final move.

About the Author: Believe that success is based on faith, family, and friends. Enjoy computers, fishing, and helping businesses succeed.

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All You Need To Know About Workers Compensation

All You Need To Know About Workers Compensation


Alice Shown

Workers’ compensation is an insurance policy that provides compensation benefits to a person who has received an injury while being at his workplace during his working hour. This compensation is generally paid to an injured person to ensure that he does not sue his/her company for the injury.

Worker’s compensation is so called owing to the fact that workers who serve in factories stand at a greater risk of getting injured. Accidents at workplaces, especially those involving forklifts, may lead to grave repercussions like permanent disability to work or even death. The compensation covers medical expenses, doctor’s service charges and other related expenses.


Rules and regulations differ. Workman’s compensation is an official policy and the people who are in-charge of this compensation are selected by the state government. Some states are dependent on private insurers while some states have the support of statewide workman’s compensation program. The rules vary from one state to the other. That is why it is very important for you to talk to your state insurance officer to know about the specific regulations that prevail in your state.

Workman’s compensation provides protection to a company. Workers’ compensation helps an employee in bearing the medical expenses that he/ she would have to face after getting injured at his/ her workplace. At the same time, the policy also saves the employer from being prosecuted. Workers’ compensation is an insurance venture and is, thus, a benefit to a company, not a burden.

Exemptions are there. The policy doesn’t cover all workers. It depends on the requirements of a specific state. Full-time employees are usually given special preference. There are exceptions in the kinds of expenses that are covered by the policy. In special cases, workers may be provided with wage replacement benefits.

Frauds are there. No denying the fact that there are frauds when it comes to worker’s compensation policy. Some employees make fake claims to take unjustified advantage of the worker’s compensation policy. One must get in touch with the worker’s compensation insurance provider on finding anyone faking a worker’s claim.

Getting hold of a workers’ compensation lawyer can be of great help as a legal representative makes it easy to understand the steps of legal protocols that are required to be followed. Do a little research before employing a workers’ compensation lawyer. Iowa citizens can contact Lawyer & Lawyer Dutton & Drake LLP for getting proficient help in legal matters.

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