All About Unimed Laser Hair Removal Lb100s Device}

All About Unimed Laser Hair Removal Lb100s Device}

All About Unimed Laser Hair Removal LB100s Device


Ingrid Preube

The Growing Demand for Laser Hair Removal at Home

Of all the cosmetic treatments available in the USA today, the most desired among women under 35 is hair removal laser treatment. Even among the over-35’s, Laser hair removalis only overtaken by Botox therapy.Given this vast popularity and interest in the use of hair removal laser treatment, it is not surprising that a number of companies have attempted to capitalize on this market-place with appliances for home laser hair removal.Hair Laser Removal DIY Machine – The Unimed Laser Hair Removal LB100s applianceThe Unimed Laser Hair Removal LB100s appliance is one such home-use tool, in addition to the other commonly-known model, the LB500s.The LB100s is a hair laser removal DIY appliance, with a control box and a wand which you point at your skin in the area you wish to treat. It uses a Class C diode and the laser beam wavelength is 808nm (nanometers).Is it Too Good to be True?It is reported that the distributors of the Unimed Laser Hair Removal LB100s appliance have made a number of claims such as:-Virtually pain-free, fast method of removal of hair -Permanent removal of hair -Shrinkage of pores after treatment gives you smoother skin -80% effectiveBuyer Beware!The Unimed Laser Hair Removal LB100s appliance is NOT licensed by the FDA for permanent home laser hair removal. As such, it is not permitted for companies to claim that this appliance can produce permanent results.Claims you may see of 80% effectiveness are also very unlikely to be true; studies have shown that this level of effectiveness after treatment can occur, but these do not relate to this specific home device.So – please go into any purchase with healthy skepticism!Consider the New TriaThe “Tria”, a just-launched competitor to the Unimed home laser devices, is the first appliance to receive FDA certification to be sold over the counter as a hair laser removal DIY appliance.Backed by many years of scientific studies, the Tria is created by a reputable company that seems to be abstaining from unrealistic claims.Extensive scientific studies show that patients can expect a reduction of approximately a third in hair regrowth a year after treatment, as opposed to around 80% for patients treated with the professional equipment used by doctors.The Tria is likely to be a great way for patients to provide themselves with top-up treatment in the privacy of their home to deal with hair regrowth between professional sessions; this is the reason that doctors are excited about Tria – not because they think it is likely to supplant professional laser treatment.Please Think Carefully before You Buy!If you’re the sort of person who likes trying out new things (and can afford to!) – then a hair laser removal DIY appliance could be well placed on your shopping list! But do take care and think about the following before investing in something that has the potential to disappoint!-Consider whether you can afford to have a professional sequence of therapy, using a home laser device for top-up DIY treatment in between. -Remember that the FDA has not approved the Unimed Laser Hair Removal LB100s as suitable for home hair removal. Consider the more expensive Tria if you can. -If possible, get a personal recommendation. At the minimum, search for genuine product reviews on the internet. -Don’t play with your health – always adhere to all safety precautions with care. Lasers can damage your eyesight and cause burns.Ingrid Preubelaser hair removal

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All About Unimed Laser Hair Removal LB100s Device}