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All You Need To Know About Volvo Tractors

Understanding the Power of Volvo Tractors

When you think of tractors, one brand that surely comes to mind is Volvo. The Swedish company, renowned for its heavy-duty machinery, continue to contribute substantially in farming technology. Volvo tractors stand for reliability, versatility and utmost performance. But what gives Volvo tractors an edge in the market? Let’s understand.

First and foremost, the power-to-weight ratio of Volvo tractors is commendable. The company has harnessed cutting-edge technology to reduce the unnecessary weight in their vehicles without compromising the power. This ensures superior performance during field work, towing or hauling heavy equipment.

Adding to the power is the relentless Volvo engine, which has been optimized to deliver maximum efficiency with minimal fuel consumption. Precision-engineered ejector systems and automatic traction control further ensure the engine’s performance. These features allow Volvo tractors to excel in any field, no matter how demanding the conditions might be.

It is not just about power with Volvo; they understand that comfort is crucial for the operator. Volvo tractors come with a range of operator-friendly features, including climate-controlled cabs, ergonomic seating, and intuitive control panels. These details make it easier for operators to work longer hours without feeling fatigued.

Volvo also recognises the importance of sustainability. Consequently, all Volvo tractors are designed to minimize their environmental impact. With features like engine exhaust brake and Proven SCR technology, Volvo tractors reduce engine wear, decrease fuel consumption, and cut down emissions, thereby contributing to cleaner farming practices.

Maintenance is another aspect that has been given significant attention by the company. Volvo tractors feature easy-access service points, facilitating routine maintenance and reducing downtime. They even have onboard diagnostic systems to identify any potential malfunctions, which can be rectified before they escalate further. This results in increased uptime and greater productivity.

An interesting point to note about Volvo tractors is how they cater to varying needs across the globe. For example, if you need to buy concrete vibrators in Australia, Volvo tractors could provide the reliable power you need. This wide array of applications showcases the versatility of Volvo tractors in different working conditions. Understanding this need, Volvo ensures that its tractors are efficient under varying working conditions and can produce optimal results in each.

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Getting back to Volvo’s global reach, it’s evident that the brand has taken into account the specific requirements of different regions. From the cold regions of the North to the rugged terrain of Australia where users might need to

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, Volvo tractors are equipped to handle the most challenging circumstances with ease.

To summarise, Volvo tractors encapsulate the combination of power, reliability, versatility, and eco-friendliness that one expects from a global leader in heavy-duty machinery. They receive universal praise for their advanced features, superior performance, and ease of maintenance. Whether you’re working in agriculture, construction or your need is to

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in Australia, Volvo tractors can be an excellent choice for your needs.

So, the next time you’re in the market for a new tractor, consider Volvo- a brand that is synonymous with quality, power, and efficiency.

Archive360 Delivers Day One Support For Microsoft Cognitive &Amp; Media Services And Microsoft Azure Arc

Archive360 Delivers Day-One Support for Microsoft Cognitive & Media Services and Microsoft Azure Arc by prpingNEW YORK, NY, September 28, 2017 – Microsoft Ignite September 25-29, Booth #1045 Archive360, the world’s leading provider of data migration and management solutions for the Microsoft cloud, today announced Archive2Azure’s day-one support for Microsoft Azure Cognitive & Media Services and Microsoft’s new Azure Archival storage tier. Eliminating time consuming, manual indexing of audio and video files frequently stored in SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Azure, Archive2Azure now expands on Microsoft machine learning capabilities for more intelligent and automated audio and video indexing, search, translation and transcription.Archive2Azure now also supports Microsoft’s new ultra-low-cost Azure Archival storage tier, lowering total storage ownership costs even further. Now Archive2Azure provides companies three Azure storage tiers, Hot, Cool, and Archival. Archive2Azure Cognitive & Media Services and Azure Archival storage tier support will be showcased during Microsoft Ignite, Orlando, Fla., September 25-29 in Archive360’s booth #1045.”The increasing volume of audio and video content stored in SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Azure has become a tedious management challenge for today’s enterprises including corporate legal departments for eDiscovery,” said Tibi Popp, Co-Founder and CTO, Archive360. “Traditionally, they’ve had little indexable data for search and discovery processes and both indexing and search has been largely done through time consuming and error-prone, manual processes. With our support out of the gate for Azure Cognitive & Media Services and the Azure Archival storage tier, we’re automating the indexing process, greatly speeding search and improving discovery accuracy while dramatically lowering total storage costs.” “Because indexing and searching audio and video files has been such a time-consuming process, many organizations have large stockpiles of these files that are difficult and costly to search and discover. This can present eDiscovery, compliance and governance challenges as well as policy-based management issues,” said George Crump, Chief Analyst and Founder, Storage Switzerland. “Archive360 is helping to solve this. By taking advantage of Microsoft’s new Azure capabilities such as Cognitive & Media Services and a low-cost Archival storage tier, they’re taking the cost and risk out of the retention and searchability of audio and video files.”Archive2Azure Cognitive & Media Services indexes audio and video files by spoken word, producing a complete transcription of the speech. Extending Microsoft machine learning, it can immediately translate content into one of 53 foreign languages and, in the near future, will even perform image tracking, facial recognition and emotion from video files. As a result, audio and video files have much more robust indexable metadata which greatly speeds search and dramatically raises accuracy over that of human search.Archive2Azure also now supports the new Azure Archival storage tier. Introduced by Microsoft this week, the Azure Archival storage tier, which joins Microsoft’s existing hot and cool storage tiers, enables a very low cost destination for the long-term archiving of low-touch and inactive files. Archive2Azure will support this new storage tier from day one via FastCollect for SharePoint Extension (see related announcement dated today and found here: http://www.archive360.com/news/), enabling SharePoint Online users to dramatically lower storage and information management costs.”Archive360 is always in lock step with Microsoft, delivering the most advanced functionality available to support new Microsoft developments upon their release,” said Bill Tolson, Vice President of Marketing for Archive360. “With the ability to automatically and intelligently index audio and video files, we’re now better able to support customers with large sets of this data type with the advanced solution they want to improve policy-based retention and disposition, discovery reliability and faster search.”Archive2Azure Cognitive & Media Services and Archive2Azure support for the Azure Archival storage tier are available now. For more information, please visit: http://www.archive360.com/products/archive2azure/Tweet this: .@Microsoft @Archive360 Delivers Day-One Support for #Microsoft Cognitive Services and #Azure Archival storage tier http://www.archive360.com/news/ #Archive2AzureAbout Archive360Archive360 is the world’s leading provider of data migration and management solutions for the Microsoft cloud. Since 2012, Archive360 has securely migrated data into the Microsoft cloud with record-breaking speed, verifiable data fidelity and legally defensible chain of custody. Archive360’s Archive2AzureTM solution is the compliance and unstructured data storage and management solution based on the Microsoft Azure platform. Archive360 is a global organization that delivers its solutions both directly and through a worldwide network of partners. Archive360 is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and the Archive2AzureTM solution is Microsoft Azure Certified. To learn more, please visit: www.archive360.com.###Copyright 2017. Archive360 is a registered trademark and Archive2Anywhere, Archive2Azure and FastCollect are trademarks of Archive360, Inc. Press Contact:Sabrina SanchezThe Ventana Group, for Archive360PO Box 169 Chantilly, VA(925) 785-3014ssanchez@theventanagroup.comhttp://www.theventanagroup.com/Article Source: eArticlesOnline.com