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Considerations Before Getting A Dog

Submitted by: Ian Moffat

They say a dog is man s best friend, and certainly owning a pet can make a real difference to a home. However, a dog is also a serious commitment, and finding, buying or rescuing, and keeping a dog carries with it a lot of responsibility, to make sure the animal is kept safe and healthy and you all get the most out of the relationship.

Having decided to introduce a dog into the house, many families decide to get a puppy. There are many issues to consider as you do this, and one of the best ways to start is by getting hold of a copy of a really good dog training book. This will introduce you to the things you need to know before you start, and give you plenty of information as you get to know your dog.

First, ask yourself a few questions. Why do you want a dog? Do you know how much it will cost to buy and raise a puppy? Bear in mind the cost of feeding and vaccinating your dog vets fees and insurance and the cost of dog training supplies. How much time and exercise will you be able to give it and are ou able to make a 15-plus hours commitment?


Then consider your home. If you have a small house or garden it is not advisable to have an active or large dog unless there are open public spaces nearby and you have time to spare. A smaller dog would be happier and more preferable in these circumstances.

Think about your family. Elderly relatives, small children and other pets all need to be taken into consideration when choosing your puppy. Is your household noisy or quiet, calm or busy?

Once you ve asked and answered these questions you can start matching specific breeds to your requirements. Immediately rule out dogs who are unsuitable in terms of size, temperament or of a breed not to your liking. Do some research about any breeds you fancy to find out their tendencies, what they prefer or need and also check if there is a tendency to specific health issues.

Speak to local owners and the breed clubs, and ask every dog expert you can find. They will offer you ideas, tips and dog training advice.

Once you have brought your puppy home, it s a great idea to follow a good manual, so you know what to expect as it grows, and when things such as vaccinations and training need to be introduced.

Training your dog is essential if it is to stay safe and avoid becoming a nuisance to others. Read up about dog obedience training and the various dog training methods. Consider whether you have time to undertake dog behavior training yourself, or whether you can join a class, where you will meet other owners, and which can be both fun and practical.

With careful planning, sensible choices and realistic goals, you and your dog can look forward to years of companionship and fun.

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