Send Your Wedding Guests Home With A Memento

Send Your Wedding Guests Home With A Memento

byAlma Abell

A shot glass is nothing more than a small glass which is usually used when dispensing an alcoholic beverage. The normal size for a shot glass is one ounce, a larger version of a shot glass is called a jigger and it holds one and one half ounces. Like any other glass, they can be in any color or shape although the common shape is akin to a low angle cone.

Although they are used most frequently in a bar, Wedding Favor Shot Glasses are also popular. In a bar the glass is used to dispense a specific quantity of alcohol either to be used in a mixed drink or taken directly as a shot. Although they can most certainly be used for the same things at a wedding, when they are first presented to the guests they are often filled with a light dessert, perhaps a parfait or cherries dripping with chocolate. Once the dessert has been consumed they can be taken home as a memento of the occasion. Wedding favor shot glasses will always be personalized with the names of the couple and the date of the wedding.

Although a shot glass has a utilitarian purpose, many people collect them. These small glasses are very popular when you visit a holiday destination, resort hotel, casino, etc. They are easy to transport home and they make an interesting display and they bring back fond memories of past visits and trips and often wedding favor shot glasses take pride of place in the collection as they are unique.

With the advent of high end coffee shops, the simple shot glass has found another use and that is in measuring coffee. When you go into an espresso bar you order the beverage by the shot, a double will be served in a small cup but in many cases a single espresso is taken right from the shot glass.

No home bar is complete without a couple of shot glasses. Usually the home bartender will have a shot glass or two which are more decorative than you can expect to see in a commercial bar. A favorite for the home bar has a rounded bottom; they are also available in sizes larger than the traditional one or one and a half ounce serving.